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The Founder
About Me...

I am a Teacher of the Arts, a Mentor and a Dream Maker. My name is Rochelle aka the "Roc" and I am here to build a foundation on which young Artists can stand. 

In 1997, I moved to New York City with $25 dollars in my pocket and a one-way bus ticket. I survived as a starving artist & then a professional dancer for 11 years; having produced my own show. I received the training and tools necessary to make RCDC a reality. I knew it was time to come share the knowledge, passion & love of the Arts with my Community. 

By joining in on this campaign you will be helping our kids to potentially CHANGE their focus, BELIEVE they can DO ANYTHING and SAVE their lives by BREAKING DOWN emotional BARRIERS, CREATING AWARENESS of self and OPENING THE DOOR TO SELF-EXPRESSION. 

Right now, we are looking for bring $7,500 to the table. This will open the doors to RebelChique Dance Co. get the equipment such as Dance Mirrors, Ballet Barres, a "Spring Floor" to prevent injury. We also have a Sponsorship Program that will allow one child who cannot afford classes become sponsored by a Corporation, Group or Individual to learn their Art for a Year.  

This is what I mean by SAVING LIVES. 

NO MATTER WHAT...Even if we don't reach our goal, I am STILL GOING after this VISION. The money raised will still go to the studio and continue to HOST EVENTS to continue to GROW the money via tickets sales and more. Our Community NEEDS this. 
Our kids are ACTING OUT for a REASON! They are BORED for a REASON. They are making BAD DECISIONS for REASON. So let's RE-DIRECT THEIR FOCUS!!

Over the last 10 years, I have had the HONOR of teaching & Instructing over 500 kids & Adults. From New York to Lancaster and in between. 

There is NOTHING MORE i'd rather do than Encourage, Empower & Inspire YOUNG PEOPLE.
They keep me young and I LOVE what I do! There is PASSION in what I do. 

Other Ways You Can Help
Get the word out and make some noise about our RebelChique Dance Co. campaign & don't forget to use the Indiegogo share tools!

Jason Parker
Executive Director

 Artistic Director
Rochelle L. Williams